Бас Грасмайер за филма на Геерт Вилдерс: Очаквахме доста по-страшен филм

3 04 2008

Продължаваме серията интервюта по актуални международни теми с млади хора от съответните държави. След интервюто с Ени Дангелиа от Албания по повод взривовете край Тирана, ще ви запознаем с Бас Грасмайер, който ще даде неговото виждане за скандалния филм на холандския националист Геерт Вилдерс.

Интервюто е в суров вид. Съвсем скоро ще имате възможност да го прочетете и на български. Започваме:

p230308_2010.jpgBas is a student of International Communication Management from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Studying Communication, Marketing and Media, Bas has done an work placement with the Bulgarian National Radio in the Fall and Winter of ’07-’08, carrying out several activities in journalism, marketing and public relations. At the moment, he is specializing in Internal Communication Processes, as well as International Affairs. Besides being a student, he has written for several blogs and is currently blogging at BasBasBas.com.

What were the first consequences of the Geert Wilders video „Fitna“ in Holland?

Well, the first consequences actually came before the film was released. For about three months, we’ve been waiting for this film, not knowing what would be in it. Given the statements Wilders had made in the past though, a lot of people were worried that it might be very offensive to Muslims and spark riots in some of the immigrant areas of our cities.

So the main consequence was a lot of fear and a big debate about Islam and it’s position in our society and western society – and how far the freedom of speech goes.

After the release it stayed pretty calm. I think it’s less bad than what was expected or feared for and the tension really seems to be gone now. Or in the background.

Was it changed because of that Armageddon-expectations? And in fact this couldn’t be the main version?

I doubt it. If those expectations had come true, Wilders could have said „Look! I was right.“

I don’t think it was in his interest to tone his film down. I would find it hard to believe he would done that, it’s not his style.

Do you feel kind of disappointed of the final result?

Partly. I was expecting a well produced film, though this is cut and pasting with fragments we have all seen numerous times, probably hundreds, in the case of the 9/11 footage even thousands of times. I am happy that he didn’t go as far as others said, because that could have caused national problems as well as international problems for the Netherlands (politically as well as economically). Some countries were threatening with boycotting Dutch products for instance.

Can you find Wilders right in any of his statements expressed in the movie?

Yes, with regards to Islamic extremism being a problem we need to be concerned with, like any form of extremism. No, with regards to the fact that he doesn’t limit his judgment to the small group of the 1 billion Muslims that is extreme, but is generalizing all Muslims.

Although he himself claims he doesn’t; he is talking about the Islam, not the Muslims. I think that’s just a childish point, because when speaking about a faith in this way, you automatically talk about its followers.

n641615179_628211_1461.jpgYou’ve lived in Bulgaria for about an year. What makes WIlders differ from Volen Siderov?

Well, I lived there a half year, and I assume Volen Siderov is from the BNP or Ataka (?), but I didn’t get enough of an impression of him or them to say anything about that. Sorry.

I do think Bulgaria is in a very different position than Holland though. Since the Islam in Holland came through immigrants; in Bulgaria through occupation by Turkey. If I wasn’t misinformed, at least.

Can we expect that Geert Wilders will be treated like they did to Theo van Gogh?

Times have changed a bit and both are different. Since the politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated, politicians have been getting a lot more security. Since Theo van Gogh, any politician that makes sensitive statements regarding Islam gets more security. Theo van Gogh didn’t have this, as far as I know.

Geert Wilders has a secret address and has to change from residence every so often (I don’t know and I think they keep it secret for his safety). But yes, he is under threat and I’m sure that there are some crazy people who would try to get him if they just saw the chance to do it.


It can be either Muslims who think he has insulted their faith/prophet, or people who don’t like his angry and right-wing tone (which can be extreme at times) and are concerned about the future of the Netherlands or just personally upset by him.




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24 04 2008
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